TAS PRO Premium Products


TAS Pro Basic Indicators on Bloomberg

Designed by industry professionals applying the highest standards for quantitative analysis, TAS Professional, LLC is proud to offer our TAS PRO Indicator Suite™ to Bloomberg Professional® service subscribers.

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TAS Pro Basic Indicators on Other Platforms

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TAS Pro Vega Premium Indicator on Bloomberg

TAS PRO Vega provides real-time, dynamic signaling of the averaging of profiles combined with proprietary filtering and the moves thereafter.

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TAS Pro Vega Premium Indicator on Other Platforms

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TAS Pro Signal Box on Bloomberg

Filter your portfolio of global instruments by choosing from 2 powerful TAS Professional market profile based products – TAS Pro Vega Indicator, or our new TAS Pro Vega Plus Algo.

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TAS Pro Signal Box Web Edition

Never miss a high-probability trading setup. Benefit from seeing all the usual suspects in an easy-to-use format that alerts you immediately.

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TAS PRO Daily Market Research Videos

Get a pre market video report of 10 different markets per day using the TAS Pro Tools as the road map. Take the guess work out of the most important inflection points to leverage your positions either long, short, or non directional. Markets are analyzed on a Weekly, Daily, and a 240 minute time frame

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Trigger Point Research Alerts

TriggerPoint Research is a joint venture with TAS Professional, LLC. We combined decades of market insight and trading experience to create a range of professional-grade market strategies for both institutions and investors/traders.

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Expert Level Trader Course Using Indicators

An 8-hour course covering advanced Rules-based Market Analysis and Trading Using Simplified Market Profile® concepts and practical examples with an emphasis on developing a results-oriented action plan using simplified profiling concepts and techniques.

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Expert Level Trader Course Condensed Edition

A 2-hour condensed edition of the Expert Trader Level course on Rules-based Market Analysis and Trading Using Simplified Market Profile®.

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The effectiveness of trading strategies in the past does not guarantee the trading strategies will be equally effective in the future. There are various reasons why your trade figures are unlikely to be the same as trading performance results presented by a TAS Professional, LLC, and they are (but are not limited to) the following: different levels of market liquidity, different sizes of market spreads, the suspension of credit and trade lines, taxation by regulatory or governmental authorities that are imposed on market participants, both sellers and buyers, including your counterparty, subjective errors, dealing errors, different levels of connection speed, the delay in the formation, transmitting, routing, and accepting orders; lack of tracking of every single trading signal since the moment of its creation; the effects of other positions that you maintain which were not placed in accordance with signals or strategies of TAS Professional, LLC indicators; changes in margin requirements; changes in (varying) stop-loss, acceptance of limit, and margining-out provisions; public or market holidays; one-time or infrequent exogenous market events; temporary inability of the trading signal provider to generate or transmit trading signals or strategies; lack of trading experience, etc. Additional details – CLICK HERE